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The Power of the Mind!

Have you ever discovered yourself to be working overly hard, having one of those days when nothing seems to go right? Have you ever inquired of yourself as to why it is that particular individuals forever succeed at doing things correctly? It’s almost as though they had been born with the ‘gold touch’. Well, the mystery is in the mind-set, for ‘brain outdoes all’.

Most individuals give little thought to their mind and the enormous power inside them to do, to be, and to have more of what they’d like to experience in their lives. It appears that for the beginning few years of their lives they virtually have no control over their brains and what they believe.

Have a look at your own life. During those early years, the command of your mind was drilled by your surroundings, your parents and care-givers, for the best part. Then the educational and spiritual organizations take their share of command in determining what you learned to believe, and maybe even more significantly, shaping the limits that were set in your thinking.

Regrettably, by the time you left senior high, your accustomed patterns of thinking might as well have been arranged in concrete, and those customary thinking patterns were basically placed there by somebody other than you. The results for you, however, were by the time you got to adulthood; most of your ambitions were hidden beneath 100s or even 1000s of damaging, dream-sapping notions.

How many classes were you offered on the might of positive thinking in school? How many classes were you provided that taught you wealth-building precepts in school? How many classes were you provided that tutored you on how your mind works and how you are able to command it and direct it towards more of what you want to be, to do and to experience? Yet the very sorts of classes that weren’t provided to you were the very sorts of classes you have to have to build a more successful, more satisfying, and happier life.

Here is something I understand, you are able to claim or re-claim command of your own mind power. You’re the most marvelous of all living organisms on earth. You’re the owner of a brain that is so colossal, that as you really start controlling your mind power and consciously utilizing it, there’s no ambition that you are able to dream that you can’t accomplish.

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