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The Inner Child








So many people ask me – what does it takes to become successful?

What does it take to be happy?

The inner child

There are a number of ways i can answer this question, however the main reason most people are not successful and happy is because they are not in touch with their inner child, they subordinate the person that once loved life.

The inner child is the little boy or girl that lives within us which had no boundaries no limitations, no fears, not understanding what failure is, wanting to have fun, living life with lots of energy and finally asking lots of questions.

Kids ask so many questions and the most powerful being BUT WHY?

Kids achieve so much as children they learn how to walk, how to talk, how to do certain things, we have kids today knowing how to use Iphones, Ipads and play station very quickly.

Now look at what some parents have told us about asking questions!

How many times have we heard parents tell their kids not ask too many questions because it may be considered rude etc.

It’s the conditioning and programming that we receive as children that becomes our reality as we turn into adults we start to kill the inner child.

Let’s break this down:

In order to be successful in life we must apply a lot of energy, have fun while learning, we must ask the right questions in business and with our clients, we must conquer the fear of failure and we must not limit ourselves and put any boundaries.

The attributes we had as children are the same attributes we must apply into our careers and personal life and if we did that, life would be much more abundant.

I encourage you stop subordinating that child that lives within you. Remember you once wanted to play, have fun and live life with lots of energy.

I have an exercise for you:

Write a letter to your 10 year old self.

What would you say to that person today if they wanted to become successful and happy.

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