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About Andrew Barsa

Andrew Barsa is the creator of the financial wealth mindset program ‘The Inner Millionaire’.

About Andrew Barsa

The Inner Millionaire Book

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The Inner Millionaire is the perfect self-development book revealing the effortless way for you to create incredible wealth and happiness and, most importantly it works!

It’s written in an easy to read and engaging style that takes you by the hand, providing numerous easy to adopt lessons and realisations that will change your future for the better. If you are fed up watching every cent and, a lack of money causes frustrations and hardships, then worry no more. The Inner Millionaire strips back the layers of financial abundance, revealing the true psychology of wealth.


My goal is to inspire people and unlock their wealth potential. I have helped thousands of people around the world to rewire their minds for success. It is my deepest belief that the millionaire, the genius, the leader ... lives inside.
“Comfort will not make you rich, but rich will make you comfortable.”

- Andrew Barsa

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The Self Defeating No

            The Self Defeating No. Of all the No’s that we can experience the most damming and damaging is the No we give ourself. It is in these moments we draw the white flag in the face of adversity and meekly surrender to our despairs. In truth we have quietly […]

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The Inner Child

            So many people ask me – what does it takes to become successful? What does it take to be happy? The inner child There are a number of ways i can answer this question, however the main reason most people are not successful and happy is because they are […]

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The Power of the Mind!

Have you ever discovered yourself to be working overly hard, having one of those days when nothing seems to go right? Have you ever inquired of yourself as to why it is that particular individuals forever succeed at doing things correctly? It’s almost as though they had been born with the ‘gold touch’. Well, the […]

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